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Imposter Syndrome. EURGH. I’ve never met an entrepreneur who hasn’t experienced it. It tends to get worse the more visible you become (the double-edged sword of building a personal brand!) And yes, I’m now about to tell you that you may actually be playing a role in how bad it is! While imposter syndrome isn’t […]

Ways you’re making your imposter syndrome worse as an entrepreneur

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Whether you’re a solopreneur or small biz owner, chances are you have a VERY long to-do list… always. And while you know content marketing is essential for growing your audience and authority, the content creation part is one of the most difficult to keep up. Whether it’s a lack of clarity on what to do […]

How to reduce content creation overwhelm + simplify your workflow

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As entrepreneurs and aspiring thought leaders, we spend a lot of time thinking about the external impact of our personal brands… But how often do you stop to think about how our internal compass, vision, energy, personality and perspective are shaping that impact? Today I’m joined by special guest Cat Skreiner a Human Design Guide & Energetic […]

Creating impact with Your brand from the inside out – featuring Cat Skreiner

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Got the content basics down and ready to take your content to the next level? Awesome! Today we’re going way deeper than “write a good hook” or “be consistent!” and looking at what it really takes to create magnetic content. If you’ve been finding your content is a little vanilla or isn’t creating the impact […]

5 [underrated] ways to make your content more magnetic

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Find yourself so caught up in your to-do list (or imposter syndrome!) that you completely forget why you’re doing “this” in the first place? Entrepreneurship.The work you do.The effort you’re pouring into your brand. You’re not alone! I recently had more than one wake-up call that showed me just how out of touch I was […]

The deeper (life-changing) reason for building a personal brand

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Let’s be honest. Social media is getting reeeal crowded these days (and will only get worse). So in such a noisy place in what may feel like an over-saturated niche or industry, how do you stand out and stop the scroll? In this episode, I’m diving into 5 ways you can stand out as a […]

How to stand out and stop the scroll (even in a crowded niche)

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Welcome to Seen Heard Paid with Kat Elizabeth – formerly known as The Personal Branding Project! I hinted that something was shifting (although I didn’t know what at the time) and now here it is. A podcast rebrand to signify all the changes that have been going on behind the scenes! This episode is a […]

Rebranding, losing my nerve, and hiding in plain sight

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Today I’m pulling back the curtains on some counterintuitive decisions I’m making to reach my own next level – the level where I earn more, work less, and have a bigger impact. Old Kat would have assumed this meant doing more. Working longer. Working faster. Saying yes to everything. Kat today finally understands that scaling a business requires […]

I deleted 3000 Instagram followers and I’m not done. Here’s why…

Mindset, Podcast

We need to talk about consistency.  I know, I know. EVERYONE is talking about consistency. But this time it’s different. I care way less about you posting daily and way more about… -> Consistency in your messaging-> Consistency in your strategy-> Consistency in your systems So in today’s episode we’ll be talking about what consistency […]

How to stay consistent on social media (without having to post every day)

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If you’re sick of wondering what to post, over-thinking every caption, questioning whether social media (and content creation in general) is worth the effort… this is the episode for you. In part 2 (of 3) of this social media series, we’re breaking down the strategy behind content (in particular, the content you share on social) […]

How to create content that actually leads to clients

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When I first became a freelance copywriter 7 years ago, I thought I was about to experience a life of freedom… ha! Before I knew it I was overworked. underpaid & terrified to say no to even the crappiest of clients. After an exhausting few years, it hit me: in order to attract better clients, charge bigger prices and ditch the “where’s the next project coming from” anxiety, I needed to build a personal brand. Spoiler alert:  it worked.



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