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Wondering what goes into a rebrand, how much it costs, how to approach it and when it’s time for you to think about your own? Good news! I’m breaking my own rebrand down in plenty of detail for you in this episode, in particular: → how I knew I was ready to do this→ a […]

Behind the scenes of a personal branding coach’s own rebrand

Branding, Podcast

There’s only one thing that will GUARANTEE you’ll never achieve the results you want in your brand: You never taking action.In fact, you’re more likely to achieve success with NO strategy but constant action than the perfect strategy and inconsistent or no action. So today’s episode is dedicated to ensuring you take then action that […]

Where to start when everything feels important (and overwhelming!)

Business, Podcast

Messaging. The thing we know we need to pay more attention to, but at the same time fills us with dread. “I’m not a copywriter!” “I’m no good with words!” “I just don’t know how to explain the value of what I do!” If that sounds like you, know you’re not alone. Brand messaging is […]

What you need to know about messaging (and why it’s so hard to get right!)

Messaging, Podcast

While everyone’s timeline and growth trajectory looks different, the fact is that to reach the “pinnacle” of your brand-building journey (phase 5!) there are steps we just can’t skip. And even though challenges, obstacles and the occasional “what am I doing with my life?!” are inevitable… I’m here to provide more than just some encouragement […]

The 5 phases of building a magnetic personal brand

Branding, Podcast

I get it: it’s easy to fall into the “I just need to land a couple more clients” trap. But I’ve learnt the hard way that not all clients are created equal. And while it seems like some extra cash will solve all your problems… nightmare clients can create a whole lot more of them. […]

How to attract clients you actually adore as humans

Branding, Featured, Podcast

Yep, I’m about to undergo a rebrand which means things are about to change ’round these parts. And I’m not just talking about the logo and colours. This rebrand is the result of a huge year of internal growth in 2021 and in turn, “outgrowing” the brand you see right now. So in this episode […]

I’m rebranding and a little terrified – the full story

Branding, Featured, Podcast

If you’re on a mission to make an impact but feel like it’s impossible under your following grows… or want to find a way to become a thought leader in your space but feel like an imposter as long as your audience is so small… this episode is for you. With help from my special […]

Impact and influence have nothing to do with numbers

Branding, Podcast

Sick of spinning your wheels, working your butt off… and not actually seeing results that match the effort you’re putting in? This one’s for you! Whether you’re a freelancer, solopreneur, small biz owner or aspiring thought leader, the 5 strategies I’m sharing in this episode are guaranteed to help you make traction and build momentum […]

The fastest way to achieve meaningful growth for your brand in 2022

Branding, Podcast

It’s burnout season – but before we blame all of our exhaustion on the end of the year, I think we’d better first have a chat. Countless conversations with stressed out solopreneurs this year have revealed a pretty interesting pattern to me that I’ll be unpacking in this episode. A specific cycle that leads to […]

The real reason you might be struggling to stay consistent & see results

Mindset, Podcast

This year did not play out the way I thought I would. Instead of the year I *hoped* I would have, I got the year I needed… a year that highlighted my weak points, the gaps, the things that were stunting my growth. You may have noticed I spent a lot of the year behind […]

5 lessons I learned from my most challenging year of entrepreneurship

Business, Mindset, Podcast

When I first became a freelance copywriter 8 years ago, I thought I was about to experience a life of freedom… ha! Before I knew it I was overworked. underpaid & terrified to say no to even the crappiest of clients. After an exhausting few years, it hit me: in order to attract better clients, charge bigger prices and ditch the “where’s the next project coming from” anxiety, I needed to build a personal brand. Spoiler alert: it worked.



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