Join Kat Elizabeth, founder of Magnetic Brand Co for this FREE masterclass on Tuesday 23rd May at 5pm PST (Wednesday 24th May @ 10am AEST)

The Blueprint for Building a Magnetic Personal Brand


Limited time replay will be available

*in a way that's authentic, simple & actually feels good – no matter your capacity, confidence level or personality type


If you know you've got so much more to offer the world but are sick of feeling like your industry's best-kept secret, this is MASTERCLASS IS for you.


Why having a magnetic personal brand is key to attracting high caliber clients, getting paid a premium + creating career freedom in 2023  

How to assess which phase of the Magnetic Brand Timeline you're at + what you need to do at each one to unlock the next level

The 5 forms of magnetism you need to have if you want to build a brand that changes your life forever (most people stop at 2 or 3!) 

How to avoid the 7 Deadly Blockers to Brand Magnetism that kept even my most successful clients stuck at points in time

Why a new website is probably the last thing you need right now (and all of the other things that'll bring you a much better ROI)

PLUS a live Q+A where you can ask me anything about the process from strategy to mindset and everything in between

What we're going to cover:

Case in point

"I would not have had the myriads of opportunities that I’ve had if it wasn’t for working with you."

 [...] it’s what you’ve taught me which is about infusing my personality and fusing who I am into the brand. I’ve been invited to speak at the United Nations about building and motivating teams. I’ve been invited to LinkedIn to do courses on their platform. And I believe it’s because of my recognizable brand. Oh, and you will never find anybody else in this industry that cares as much about you as Kat!"

- Makeda, leadership coach



"...last year, I hit my goal - the most I've ever made in my business, it was almost a 30-40% increase from the year before."

Kat is the cheerleader, best friend, coach, person that you need in your life because it's not just someone just telling you what to do, it's someone who actually cares about your business, who takes the time to literally learn everything about your business so that she can help you analyze it and understand what could be better. So it's an immediate,"yes!" that you are going to make your money back like 10 times over. It's also such an investment in your own self-confidence and your capabilities in your business! 

- Morgan, photographer



 "I signed two new DREAM clients who truly value what I bring to the table & who I adore working with!"

Kat really understands that personal branding and marketing your business is about so much more than just having a strategy and knowing what to do, it's about having the confidence and belief in yourself and what you do to put yourself out there and be seen. I have finally finished my website, increased my prices, and as soon as I started showing up and marketing myself with this new mindset and confidence, I signed two new DREAM clients who truly value what I bring to the table and who I adore working with!

- Erin, systems expert




No matter what your mind is telling you, you're ready NOW. Every day you keep putting this off is another day you're robbing yourself of the chance to bring your vision to life -- and your future audience the chance to be impacted by all you have to offer.